A Post-Election Check List for Conservatives

Thursday, October 25th, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Debt, Economy, Obamacare

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The race for the White House and control of the Senate appears to be close, though things are moving in the right direction.  However, even if we win back all branches of government, the battle will have just begun.  There is a lot more work to do over the next few months between the legislative battles in the lame duck session and keeping a Republican Congress and president in line next year.

Here is a checklist of issues that we must monitor as conservatives:

  • We must monitor the lame duck session vigilantly to ensure that Democrats and RINOs make no major decisions regarding the fiscal cliff.  Those decisions related to the tax cuts, sequester, farm bill, and tax extenders must be left to the newly elected government.
  • We must carefully watch Romney’ cabinet appointee and protest against any red flags immediately.  The head of his transition team, Mike Leavitt, is a supporter of Obamacare and may very well become Romney’s chief of staff.  We must not wait 5 years into his presidency to have our Harriet Myers moment.
  • We must prepare for the debt ceiling fight.  At this point, the debt ceiling will hit $16.3 trillion before Romney’s inauguration.  The Treasury Department’s “extraordinary measures” could forestall the fight for another few months.  But we must prepare to draw a line in the sand and refuse any debt increase unless there is a concurrent agreement that will ensure a balanced budget and that will make this debt ceiling increase the last one.  Of course, we are always open to raising the debt ceiling in exchange for complete repeal of Obamacare.  Remember that if we control all branches of government, there are no excuses.
  • Most importantly, we must prepare for Obamacare.  We heard all sorts of excuses why Republicans didn’t force the issue during the past two years.  Well, time is up.  With control of all branches of government, and with parts of the law set to go into effect, it’s now or never for full repeal.  We must ensure that Romney suspends all implementation through executive order; that the Senate take up reconciliation; and that all aspects of the law are repealed, including the premium-increasing mandates, such as the slacker and pre-existing conditions provisions.

Folks, we must savor any victory over Obama, but at the same time we must understand that we don’t pursue power for power’s sake.  We pursue power to limit the current power grab of the federal government and the infringement upon our rights, free markets, and values.  We must not repeat the mistakes of the Bush years when Republicans abjured their values and almost destroyed the Republican brand.  A victory on November 6 will serve as the beginning, not the end, of our Tea Party insurgency.