The Food Stamp President

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Economy

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Here are two headlines you won’t hear tonight at the Democrat National Convention.

Food Stamp Usage Climbs to Record High

Manufacturing Shrinks for Third Month

There is nothing better for the Democrat Party than more people out of work and more people dependent upon government programs.  The latest Institute for Supply Management report indicates that manufacturing has contracted for 3 months in a row and has dipped to the lowest level in 3 years.

Concurrently, food stamp usage has risen to 46.7 million, according to government reports.  The price-tag for the program has doubled since Obama has assumed power.

Folks, there’s something fundamentally wrong when the debt stands at $16 trillion, underemployment is at 15%, food stamp usage is at record highs, poverty is at a record high, gas prices have doubled, income has contracting….yet Obama is neck and neck with Mitt Romney.

Sadly, the dependency that Democrats have insidiously created has served as their electoral firewall.  Ironically, the more they destroy the economy, the more people become dependent upon government and vote to reelect Democrats.  We’ve got our work cut out for us over the next two months.