Romney is Ceding White Working Class Vote

Friday, September 21st, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Elections

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Do you want to know the definition of stupid?  It’s Republicans losing the white working class vote after Obama threw them out of the party.  That takes talent.

One thing was clear from the incipient stages of this campaign: win or lose overall, Obama was going to get crushed with white blue collar voters.  Even the Obama campaign admitted that they were ceding that demographic – the people whom Obama referred to as “bitter clingers” in 2008. Many of these people voted against Obama in the Democrat primary, even though he was unopposed.  Obama had moved the party so far to the left that everyone assumed there would be a permanent realignment of blue collar voters into the Republicans Party.  Even in 2008, when McCain ran far behind Bush in almost every corner of the country, he carried some counties in western PA and eastern OH by wider margins than Bush did in 2004.

To that end, the Obama campaign pursued a strategy of cobbling together a majority with minorities and upscale, highly-educated white suburban voters.

But then something happened.  Mitt Romney happened.

Romney has evinced such an out-of-touch elitist image that many blue collar voters have become wobbly, even though Obama threw them out of the party.  Instead of winning them by 65-70%, Romney is only narrowly leading.  This is killing him in Ohio, where he must run up a large margin among the white working class in order to overcome the urban centers.

Ironically, the Romney campaign is now discussing a scenario in which they bypass Ohio and pursue the upscale suburban vote in New Hampshire, Nevada, and Colorado.

So here’s the million dollar question for Mitt Romney.  Why is he not courting these voters?

Well of course they are, you might protest.  However, have you ever seen him hit Obama on cultural issues?  Have you seen him nail Obama for handing their jobs to illegals or his administrative amnesty?  Have you seen him hit Obama hard on his un-American foreign policy?  What happened to Obamacare?  What about Fast and Furious and Obama’s insidious plan to impose gun control?

All the issues that resonate with these voters have been deemed off limits by the obdurate consultants in Boston.  And it’s showing.  The latest Rasmussen poll shows Romney losing Pennsylvania by 12 points.  To be fair, a Republican must also make inroads in the upscale Philadelphia suburbs in order to win the state.  However, a 12-point deficit is indicative of a gross underperformance in the blue collar parts of the state.

If Romney does not pursue a full-court strategy to embrace these voters, he will lose.