Reason-Rupe Poll: Voters Prefer Ryan Medicare Plan Over Obama’s 48-37

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012 and is filed under News, Obamacare

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We’ve been entreated to a torrent of polls showing how everyone hates Ryan’s Medicare reform plan.  However, the fatal flaw with every one of those surveys is that they offer the respondents a false choice between doing nothing or Ryan’s reforms.  Well, in  a society where everyone is reared to believe that Medicare is sacrosanct, what else would you expect?  Of course they want the status quo.

Reason-Rupe tried something different.  They gave voters a choice between two reform plans; Medicare reforms built around giving seniors a credit to purchase health insurance over reforms like President Obama’s, which include a payment board to reduce payments to providers.  Voters supported Ryan’s free market approach by a margin of 48-37.