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Friday, September 14th, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Issues

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All of us understand one thing: Barack Obama must be a one-term president.  His fiscal policy is appalling; his social policy is an abomination; his foreign policy is dangerous.  Mitt Romney and top Republican shave done a terrible job connecting with voters who should be part of our natural base in some of the swing states.  Their lethargic campaign is not going to win the day, even during dismal economic times.

That’s why we announced a few weeks ago that we’d be initiating our own Code Red Get-Out-the-Vote effort run for conservatives.  This is our opportunity to connect directly with voters and articulate our side of the story without the insipid language used by typical Republican operatives.

Our Code Red Website is up and runningPlease sign up to helpFacebook 

Here are our major objectives.  Choose the one that best strikes your interest:

  • High-Tech GOTV: Over the next two months, the Madison Project will be traveling with RV Patriots and local Tea Party groups throughout the battleground states and critical counties.  The caravan of RVs will be equipped with signs, campaign literature and most importantly – our “Gravity” high-tech digital mobile app GOTV system.  Accordingly, the RVs will serve as mobile command centers to create walk-lists and phone banks for targeted voters tailor-made for each jurisdiction.  We will be micro-targeting high-intensity Independent voters, disaffected Republicans, and other key constituencies.  We will be announcing a schedule for our battleground state campaign, and you can meet up with the RV Patriots in your area to help canvass for votes.
  • Adopt a State: If you run a local Tea Party in a deep blue or deep red state, please join our effort in the battleground states where we can make the largest impact.  It’s time to focus our campaign where it will matter most.  Under the Adopt-A- State theme, there are Adopt-A-Campaign, Adopt-An-Area-Code, and Adopt-A-Patriot programs, which specifically target necessary areas and campaigns to develop the relationships and provide the manpower needed to win important areas and races.

Adopt-A-Campaign allows volunteers to help out on key US Senate and Congressional races, through social media and phone calling, to insure that we maintain a majority in the House and take the Senate.

Adopt an Area Code will allow activists to focus on key area codes within battleground states, strengthening red areas and turning blue areas purple – allowing us to win in battleground states.

Adopt a Patriot seeks to develop relationships between individuals, so that activists traveling to battleground states in the final week of the election can stay in the homes of fellow patriots, rather than having to incur the expense of staying in hotels.

  • Voter Registration: Our roving band of activists will also set up voter registration drives in the battlegrounds.  We will set up shop outside of key venues, especially outside of the theaters showing Dinesh D’Souzas“2016.”  The first month will be focused more on voter registration, while the second month will focus primarily on GOTV, especially as early voting commences in the key swig states.
  • Voter Integrity:  As we’ve learned from painful experiences, the most auspicious demographic for Democrats is the fraudulent vote.  As we recruit activists for the ground game, we will concurrently work on training an army of volunteers to serve as poll watchers/observers to monitor key precincts for fraud, irregularities, and other Democrat GOTV shenanigans.
  • Early Voting: Our elections have become a mockery.  Instead of one election day, we have as many as 30 election days in some states.  Iowa begins early voting September 27.  There’s a reason why the Democrats like early voting so much; they are good at machine politics and turning out the vote over a protracted time frame.  We must beat them at this game.  And with your help, we can begin GOTV operations on day 1 of early voting in each battleground state.