Jim DeMint Might Back Todd Akin

Friday, September 21st, 2012 and is filed under Elections, News

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As we noted at the time of the Todd Akin gaffe, his comments were dumb; however, they did not warrant a full-scale character assassination.  There were some good conservatives who called for him to step down on the assumption that he would lose the seat for us.  We understood that sentiment.  The problem is that everyone overlooked the fact that Claire McCaskill and Barack Obama are so unpopular in Missouri that Akin could still win.

Now we are proven correct.  Despite the entire party abandoning Akin, and the fact that he has run out of money, the race is virtually tied.  Even if you feel he should have gotten out of the race, we have only one choice; elect a guy who will vote to the right of Republican leadership or reelect McCaskill.  Why are Republicans trying to reelect McCaskill just to make a point?

With that said, it’s heartening to see that Senator Jim DeMint is considering pumping money into the race.  He is also calling on the NRSC to reconsider their lack of support, according to The Hill.