It’s Time to Crack Down on Voter Fraud

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012 and is filed under Blog

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It’s bad enough that Democrats have created a permanent dependency class that hopelessly reelects them irrespective of their failures.  We don’t need fraudulent, illegal, and non-citizens voting as well.  For some odd reason fraudulent voters seem to go for Democrats 100%-0.

Just last week, the Daily Caller reported that Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson found that an estimated 4,000 non-citizens are registered to vote in her state.  We have seen similar problems throughout the country.  In August, Josef Sever, who is not an American Citizen, admitted to voting in the critical swing state of Florida during the past two presidential elections.  This repulsive illegal Democrat GOTV has to stop.

We have made some progress in passing state voter ID laws since winning back many state legislatures in 2010.  Here is a summary of the states with voter ID laws as compiled by the Republican Study Committee:

States that Request or Require Photo ID States that Require ID (Photo not required)

Strict Photo ID

Photo ID

Strict Non-Photo

Non-Strict Non-Photo ID

Georgia Alabama (2014) Arizona Alaska
Indiana Florida Ohio Arkansas
Kansas Hawaii Virginia Colorado
Mississippi Idaho Connecticut
Pennsylvania Louisiana Delaware
South Carolina Michigan Kentucky
Tennessee New Hampshire Missouri
Texas South Dakota Montana
Wisconsin North Dakota
Rhode island
However, it is preposterous that each state has a patchwork of laws (or lack thereof) to maintain voter integrity.  It’s high time for a federal voter ID law. As conservatives, we strongly believe in federalism and a limited federal government.  Yet there are a few things that are within the purview of the federal government, and should remain so.  Election laws for federal elections should be upheld by the federal government.
Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) has introduced H.R. 6408, which would require each individual who desires to vote in an election for Federal office to provide the appropriate election official with a government-issued photo identification.  The lack of a voter ID requirement in many states affects us all in federal elections.  In an era when we must provide ID to purchase a pack of Sudafed, it is outrageous that there is no requirement to uphold the integrity of our elections.  There is no bigger tyranny than election fraud, and the idea that a voter ID requirement is anti-liberty is absurd.  Not only is this good policy, it is supported by 70-80% of voters.  Let’s hang this around the neck of Obama and the left.  Ask your member to cosponsor this bill.
Another vital piece of legislation is the Voter Registration Integrity Act (H.R. 6386), sponsored by Reps. Tom Rokita (R-IN) and Candice Miller, (R-MI).  This bill would require an individual who applies for a motor vehicle driver’s license in a different State than the voter’s principal place of residency to indicate which state is to serve as the individual’s residence for voter registration purposes in Federal elections.  Multi-state voting has become so ubiquitous that a Democrat candidate for Congress in Maryland was undeterred from running for office despite having voted in both Maryland and Florida in 2010.
Finally, there’s Senator Vitter’s bill to deter and punish non-citizens who vote in federal elections.  Vitter’s Protect Voter Integrity Act, S. 3579, would make illegal voting a deportable crime and an aggravated felony under the Immigration and Nationality Act.