Fox Poll Shows Romney Voters Still More Excited

Friday, September 28th, 2012 and is filed under Elections, News

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The latest Fox News poll shows Obama leading by 5 points overall.  However, it also shows a significant enthusiasm gap favoring Romney.  How many points is that worth?  We’ll find out.  The Hill has a good breakdown of the results:

a. 61% of Republicans say they’re “extremely interested” in the election, while only 52% of Democrats say the same.

It’s not a leap of logic to say that the more interested you are, the more likely you’ll be to vote.

b. White voters (which support Romney by 12% over Obama) are slightly more interested than non-white voters (56%-51%).

c. Men (who favor Romney by 2%) are slightly more interested than women (57%-53%).

d. Senior citizens (who favor Romney over Obama by 12%) are most interested in the election, while the youngest voters (who favor Obama by 23%) are the least interested.

And the gap is huge there. 65% of seniors say they’re extremely interested in the election, while only 41% of those under age 35 say the same.

Meanwhile, only 47% in the youngest age group say it’s “extremely important” that their candidate wins, but 64% of older voters say the same. That’s a huge gap, and one that favors Romney.

e. Conservatives are more interested than liberals (59%-53%).