Vote for Ron DeSantis Tomorrow in Fl-6

Monday, August 13th, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Elections

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Tomorrow is another major primary day across several key states.  Due to redistricting, there are a number of open seats in Florida where we have an opportunity to elect more conservatives to the House.  Our best opportunity will be in Flroda-6 (Daytona Beach area), where Ron DeSantis is vying for the opportunity to fill this open seat created in large part as a result of Florida’s addition of two new seats.

DeSantis is a true conservative rock star.  He’s a Navy vet, scholar, and Harvard Law graduate who fought the liberals in Harvard and wrote a book on founding constitutional principles.

Many candidates we have interviewed this year tend to take the “waste, fraud, and abuse” route when discussing which areas of government they would cut. DeSantis is not hesitant to list a number of full departments that he would eliminate.  “Don’t make government work like a business … it’s inherently inefficient,” contends DeSantis. “You need to be intent on reducing size, scope and influence of government.”

Please help make calls for him, and if you’re in the district, help get out the vote for Ron DeSantis!