Ted Cruz Crushes; More Work to be Done

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Elections

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Congratulations to Ted Cruz for crushing the most powerful lieutenant governor in the country and overcoming every conceivable obstacle to this great victory.  He won by 13.6%!  We look forward to seeing him in the Senate fighting at the tip of the spear with our few brave principled leaders.

This was a full-blown effort from the entire conservative movement.  Jim DeMint and the Club for Growth deserve enormous credit for their unswerving dedication to this race.  We were also proud to be one of the first major national organizations to back Ted Cruz.  He was our first Senate candidate to use Gravity, the digital GOTV technology developed by our sister organization, American Majority Action.  There is no doubt that the accurate micro-targeting of high-intensity Republican voters helped Cruz garner a strong showing in the primary and ultimately put him over the top in the runoff against superior fire power on the airwaves.

Even though this is a Republican-held seat, we have ostensibly netted a seat by moving it from a quasi-RINO to a conservative rock star.  But there is more work to be done in order to grow our small caucus of principled conservatives in the Senate.

Next Tuesday is the Michigan primary in which Clark Durant is taking on TARP-lover, Pete Hoekstra.  This was always an uphill battle, but with a late surge of outside support to his campaign, Durant has a path to victory.  Please help him with what you can.

The following Tuesday, on August 14, there will be a marque battle in Wisconsin.  There is only one conservative with an inviolable record in that race – Mark Neumann.  Although Eric Hovde has surged over the past few months, his momentum has stalled out.  According to PPP, the momentum is all with Neumann, and he is now within the margin of error. This is going to be a close 3-man race between Hovde, Neumann, and Tommy Thompson.  Your support can make all the difference for Neumann and help DeMint get another ally in the Senate.

And of course, we must all help Jack Hoogendyk in Michigan-6 and Kerry Bentivolio in Michigan-11 next week.

Folks, Ted Cruz didn’t overcome long odds by himself.  It was a joint effort of the entire movement.  We cannot ignore these low-turnout primaries where our involvement can make the difference between electing a Democrat/light politician or a bold-colored conservative.