Ron Wyden Cowardly Steps Away from Ryan-Wyden

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012 and is filed under News

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Even a liberal like Oregon Senator Ron Wyden can see truth and commonsense when unshackled from the political pressures of his party.  Last year, Wyden worked together with Paul Ryan to develop a watered-down premium support reform plan for Medicare.  Even Wyden recognized the value of market forces in healthcare.  Well, now that his support for the plan is being used to buttress Ryan’s Medicare plan, he is being forced to repudiate it in hostage-style statements to the press.  This, from Roll Call:

Wyden was quick to push back on Romney’s version of events.

“Gov. Romney is talking nonsense. Bipartisanship requires that you not make up the facts. I did not ‘co-lead a piece of legislation.'” Wyden said. “I wrote a policy paper on options for Medicare. Several months after the paper came out, I spoke and voted against the Medicare provisions in the Ryan budget.”

Ryan and Wyden did work together in December 2011 to develop a paper outlining ways to provide for Medicare solvency, including a “premium support” model. Under premium support, Medicare would allow a menu of competing plans to offer coverage with government payments. Wyden, however, never signed on to support the House-adopted budget resolution written by Ryan that included plans for a premium support approach.