PPP: Akin Virtually Tied With McCaskill

Thursday, August 30th, 2012 and is filed under Elections, News

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How unpopular is Claire McCaskill in Missouri?  Well, after several weeks of Akin getting pilloried more than any single political figure has been in recent memories, she is only tied with him at 45-44.  Also, Romney has opened up a double-digit lead over Obama 53-41.  Here is the kicker from the pollster:

Only 37% of voters now say they think Akin should withdraw from the race to 54% who believe he should not. There’s a bipartisan consensus that he should stay in- 57% of independents, 53% of Democrats, and 52% of Republicans think he should continue running. There’s clearly a disconnect on Akin’s candidacy between GOP leaders in Washington DC and actual GOP voters back in Missouri. […]

When you dig in on the undecideds in this race 61% are voting for Mitt Romney to 25% who support Barack Obama. It’s Republicans and GOP leaning independents who don’t like Akin. Ultimately this race will be decided by conservative voters who have to decide if they’re so unhappy with Akin that they want to let Democrats keep control of the Senate. My guess is those folks will ultimately hold their noses and support their party’s candidate.

Whatever your opinion on Akin exiting the race was at the time of the controversy, it is clear that we must support him now.  The idea that this seat is unwinnable with McCaskill so unpopular is not grounded in reality.  The only way he will lose is if conservatives ultimately decide that one dumb comment is worse than 6 years of dumb voting.