New Poll Shows Bounce in Ryan’s Approval

Monday, August 13th, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Elections

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No doubt there will be a torrent of polling data this week attempting to gauge the effect of Paul Ryan on the GOP ticket.  Here is the first poll out of the gate from ABC News-Washington Post with a couple of interesting nuggets:

  • Overall, Ryan’s favorability numbers jumped by 15% among all adults ( a more sympathetic poll for Democrats).
  • Specifically, he gained 21 points among conservatives, 14 points among Republicans, 20 points among Independents, and surprisingly – 10 points among Democrats.
  • While Ryan’s approval was underwater (23%-32%) with those adults who heard of him prior to his selection as VP, Ryan is now viewed favorably by 38% as opposed to 33% unfavorably.

Most important is this tidbit on seniors:

Before the announcement, senior citizens split 28 percent apiece positively and negatively on Ryan, but afterward his favorable number shot to 46 percent with no change on the other side of the equation. Seniors are likely to get even more outsized attention in the coming months due to Ryan’s controversial proposal to change the Medicare entitlement. A Post-Kaiser poll released over the weekend shows broad, cross-party opposition to such a change.

Then there’s this from PPP: “Ryan’s favorability numbers in Ohio are actually *best* with seniors at 38/29.”

The key point here is that most seniors have never heard of Paul Ryan.  That means it’s up to the Romney campaign to define Ryan early on before Obama and the media get their smear operation in place.  They must immediately launch a counterattack on Obama and Medicare while letting Ryan shine in articulating a free market choice for seniors.

We must not repeat the mistakes of 2008, allowing the media to define the VP choice out of the gate.