Michigan’s Lisa Murkowski: A Snake in the Grass

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Elections

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While we are all exuberant over the great Tea Party victory in Texas, we must not be complacent in some of the upcoming intra-party battles.  The most immediate red alarm is in Michigan-11, where a tax-hiking statist has thrown hundreds of thousands of dollars in a smear campaign at a Tea Party patriot.

Today’s Michigan primaries will provide conservatives with more pickup opportunities.  We have an opportunity to nominate Clark Durant for Senate and Jack Hoogendyk (instead of Fred Upton) for Congress in district 6.  Our most promising opportunity is in district 11, where Constitutional conservative Kerry Bentivolio is running to replace Thad McCotter.  The establishment is in such fear of a revolutionary conservative that they are running a tax hiking former state senator, Nancy Cassis, even though Kerry is the only one on the ballot.  Cassis spent an enormous sum tearing down Kerry in pursuit of her write-in bid.

Folks, this is getting old.  Time after time, moderate Republicans like Upton and Cassis refuse to run on their records.  Instead they put out misinformation about their conservative challengers and attempt to run to their right.  She is using Bentivolio’s statement in support of putting troops on the border to mean that he wants no border patrol and open borders.

When it comes to Cassis, we don’t need to take her statements out of context in order to portray an image of a tax hiking liberal.  Her signature accomplishment was being the architect of the disastrous Michigan business tax, which was so damaging to the state that Governor Rick Snyder repealed it during his first few months in office.  Not only did Cassis sponsor this pernicious tax, but only a few months after it was passed, she voted in favor of a bill to add an additional surcharge to the tax.  At best, Cassis will be a leadership hack in the House; at worst, she will be to the left of leadership and amicable to tax hikes and other liberal proposals.

Cassis has already announced that she will not support Kerry in the general election.  Let’s all mobilize today and show the establishment that we don’t need them to win elections.  If you live in the greater Detroit area please call all your friends and relatives in the district and make sure they vote for Kerry Bentivolio.  We don’t need another Lisa Murkowski in the House.