A Convention Call to Action Against Establishment Power Grab

Monday, August 27th, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Elections

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Update II: The inimitable Erick Erickson informs us that the fight is not over.  At 2 PM the Rules Committee will meet again to grant the Republican nominee more power over the grassroots.  Please continue calling your state delegates listed below.

Update: This is why we need to engage in these battles.  The Romney campaign heard the concerns of thousands of conservative activists, and in an effort to avoid an embarrassing floor fight, they agreed to a compromise.  The national party will not exert control over the delegate process, as they attempted to do with the rule change, so long as the delegates vote for the presidential candidate that they are required to vote for under state law or state party rules.

We all stand united behind Mitt Romney in his bid to oust Barack Obama from the White House.  Despite the conservative concerns with Romney, almost all of us have put the primaries to rest, and certainly don’t wish to cause undo acrimony within the ranks of the party.  However, thanks to a surreptitious power grab by establishment party bosses at the RNC – one that will affect future campaigns and conventions – we must fight one more intra-party battle today.

Last Friday, the Rules Committee of the RNC voted to gratuitously change the rules of delegate selection to allow future presidential candidates to replace delegates from any state that they dislike.  This will allow any Republican nominee to replace grassroots stalwarts – who have been loyal both to the party and the conservative platform for years – with campaign lackeys. Who knows who will be the next nominee in the GOP “next in line,”country club sweepstakes?  Do we really want someone like Jon Huntsman (hey, isn’t he next in line?) replacing Goldwater and Reagan delegates with their own activists?

[Please read more from long-time delegate and Leadership Institute President Morton Blackwell.]

Yes, some of those delegates who are being targeted by the Romney campaign are troublemakers or Ron Paul enthusiasts who are only marginally attached to the Republican Party, if at all.  However, this rule change will cut off our nose in spite of our face by indiscriminately targeting conservative party stalwarts.

We need to fight this when the rule change comes before the full convention Tuesday evening.  Here’s what you need to know.  29 members of the Rules Committee – the requisite 25% of the entire body – successfully drafted a Minority Report which contains an amendment that will reinstate the previous delegate selection policies.  However, in order for the Minority Report to be offered as an amendment on the convention floor when the entire platform is adopted Tuesday night, it must be offered by 6 state delegations.  That means we need a majority of those state delegations to not only support the cause, but have the gumption to cause a stir during the carefully choreographed and largely ceremonial adoption of the rules during the roll call.  The effort is being led by the Texas delegation, and it this point, there is no other state with a clear majority of delegates who have spoken out against the rule change.

They need to hear from you.

Here is a list of the members of the Rule Committee.  There are two from each state and territory.  Call the members from your state and request that they sign onto the Minority Report and support its consideration on the floor of the convention.  Also, please call your state GOP and tell them that you expect the state’s delegation to support the amendment that will reinstate the party delegate process to the grassroots tradition that it has always been.