We’re Playing The Wrong Game

Monday, July 23rd, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Issues

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This may come as a surprise to some, but we’re playing the wrong game.

As we are inundated by stories of the ad buys that Crossroads, the Koch brothers, the Republicans, the Democrats, Mitt Romney and Team Obama will make now and into the fall, one this is clear: TV ads don’t win elections.

And if the Reuters’ story after the Wisconsin recall is any indicator, TV ads (and radio ads. . . .and endless mail pieces) were completely tuned out by the voters there.

“Exit polls taken on Tuesday (June 5th). . . indicated the ads may not have been a decisive factor; nearly 90 percent of voters say they chose their candidate before the ad barrage.” (Reuters)

The numbers out of Wisconsin are staggering. Upwards of $50M was spent there by both sides.

What do I see when I see those numbers? Consultants who got wealthy and TV stations given more money to continue the anti-conservative narrative the mainstream media so often engages in.

Where we win is on the ground and in precincts. We win when we go door to door and talk to voters over the phone and find out who these people are by surveying them and then flipping those answers into an efficient and effective GOTV plan.

It’s simple and it’s easy. It just takes some shoe leather and elbow grease. And with Gravity, it just became a lot easier for conservatives to do the work necessary to win.

But guess what? The consultant class will fight this change of paradigm tooth and nail because they won’t get rich off of it. The Establishment will drag its feet when it comes to implementing this kind of plan because it empowers the grassroots conservative movement in ways never before seen.

We have to change the way we do business as a movement. That goes for donors, for organizations, for grassroots activists.

We can’t continue to play the wrong game when the opportunity to win in the here and now sits before us. And the beauty of it is, when we win with a precinct centric ground game, we set ourselves up for continued success. It’s hard work, but when done right it will be like getting the football on the opposing team’s 50 yard line in 2014, not our 20.