The Fight Moves on to Texas

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Elections

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Last night there were runoff elections in North Carolina.  First for the good news, conservative Mark Meadows handily won his race for the Republican nomination in NC-11.  We were proud to endorse him and will continue supporting him in the general election in an effort to pick up this seat currently held by the Democrats.  The sad news is that the establishment – the forces that blur the distinction between the two parties – won in district 7, with Richard Hudson defeating Scott Keadle for the GOP nomination.

As someone who has followed every detail of legislative affairs over the past few years, I’ve come to realize that we have serious problems within the Republican Party.  It’s not just a matter of a few RINOs.  The party is filled with people who stand for nothing aside for the pursuit of power.  Those who desire to fight for our founding principles are in a minority and are at a dramatic disadvantage in terms of time, treasure, and talent needed to win elections.  Scott launched an uphill battle against someone who is bought and paid for by the Republican establishment, and we are proud to have stood with a man of principle.

Richard Hudson had the advantage of having no record as an elected official, even though he has worked for and associated with establishment figures for years.  As we’ve noted many times, establishment figures don’t run as establishment figures.  They will never promise to raise the debt ceiling or vote for trillion dollar spending bills.  In fact, they run to the right of their conservative opponents during the primaries, further muddling the distinction for the overwhelming majority of voters who are not steeped in “inside baseball” knowledge of politics.

Hudson took full advantage of his clean slate and ran as a red meat conservative.  He had Eric Cantor’s leadership PAC spend $425,000 painting Keadle – one of the most conservative candidates of this election cycle – as a liberal.  Hudson won fair and square, and we wish him well against Democrat Larry Kissell in November.  We hope he wins in November, and we will hold him to account for keeping his campaign promises.

We often find ourselves lamenting the fact that there are only a few dozen principled conservatives out of several hundred on Capitol Hill.  Well, this is why.  It all boils down to primary elections, and the bad guys have most of the time, treasure, and talent to portray themselves as conservatives.  While there are only roughly 35 real conservatives on the Hill, well over 200 of them sell themselves as conservatives during primary elections.  We will not change the trajectory of Washington if we keep falling into this trap.

Our next stop is Texas, where Ted Cruz – our best Senate candidate of the cycle – will square off against David Dewhurst in two weeks.  The dynamic is the same.  To anyone who knows the candidates, their backgrounds, and their political associations, it is incontrovertibly clear that Ted Cruz will be another Jim DeMint and David Dewhurst will be another Mitch McConnell.  But you’ll never hear an ad from him with the following disclaimer: “I’m David Dewhurst, moderate from Texas, and I’m running for Senate because we need more moderates who will stand with Mitch McConnell against extremists like Cruz and DeMint.”   Quite the contrary, Dewhurst has used all his money to evince a conservative image while painting Cruz as a pro-amnesty, China-loving pinko liberal!

Those of us in the liberty-loving community need to decide if we’re down for the struggle or not.  Conservative candidates will not win on their own.  The establishment Republicans will make sure of that.  We must take back our party and then take back our country.  Those of us in Texas must go door-to-door to canvas votes for Ted Cruz.  Those of us out of state can make phone calls and help fund the effort to combat Dewhurst’s lies.

What are you willing to do to defend the cause of freedom?