Majority of Minnesota Voters Support Marriage Amendment

Monday, July 23rd, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Family Values

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One of the most enigmatic strategies of the GOP consultant world is their desire that Republicans shirk from a fight over gay marriage.  It’s hard to conceive of another political issue that has been so successful for our side.  We have won on marriage amendments in 32 states – every time they have been tried.  We’ve won against superior funded campaigns by the homosexual lobby; we’ve won with tepid Republican support of the effort; we’ve won in most of the states on civil unions; we’ve even won in California – a bastion for social liberalism – in the terrible year of 2008!  In dark blue Maryland, conservatives spearheaded the most successful petition drive in state history in an effort to vote down the law that legalized gay marriage in the state.

Yet, Republicans refuse to talk about it.  “Let’s stick to the economy,” they say.  Yup – as if that is helping us.  Despite the worst post WWII economy and the longest period of stagnation since the Great Depression, Obama is at least holding his own.  Why ignore an issue that the left is pushing so hard down the necks of the American people – the majority of which are rejecting it?

One more state that will vote on a marriage amendment in November is Minnesota.  Earlier today, Survey USA released a poll that has percolated into the media showing Obama’s lead over Romney in the state cut by over 50% to just 6 points.  But what the media failed to report is that the survey also polled respondents on the state’s marriage amendment.

Remember that in a world where gay marriage is viewed as a liability for Republicans, a state like Minnesota should be supporting gay marriage by a margin of 2:1.  After all, this is the only state that rejected Ronald Reagan in 1984.

Yet, that is not the case in this poll of likely voters.

The poll shows that 52% of likely voters plan to vote for the constitutional amendment defining marriage the way it has always been defined.  Only 37% plan to vote against it.  What’s more striking is that the amendment has broad support across many demographics.  It is supported equally by men and women.  It is supported by all age groups, income levels, and regions of the state.  Even among young voters age 18-34, the amendment enjoys a slim 50-44% level of support.  Independents support the marriage amendments 48-42, while a sizable number of Democrats plan to vote for it.

Among the groups listed in the cross tabs, none of them gave majority support to the anti-amendment side.  The only group in which a plurality plans to vote against the amendment is those who were contacted via cellphone!

The only way this issue will ever become a political liability for us is if we gratuitously cede the field now to those who seek to remake America.