Feds Want to Regulate Size of Hen Cages

Monday, July 23rd, 2012 and is filed under News

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Here is yet another example of how government subsidies are not free.  While government intervention in agriculture has subsidized farming for years, they also have instituted onerous and cumbersome regulations.  There is a bill being floated by Democrats that would regulate the size of hen cages on farms.  It might be attached to the farm bill.  This, from The Hill:

Egg Farmers says the bill will impose unsustainable costs on farmers who will have to toss their existing battery cages. UEP supports the bill, which it says would preempt competing state standards and has a long phase in period.

The Senate Agriculture Committee is set to hold a hearing on the bill, which eventually could find its way into the 2012 farm bill, on Thursday.The legislation would phase in over 18 years the use of cages that are large enough for hens to turn completely around in, and would abolish competing state standards.

This is just one more reason why agriculture interests should be leery of government subsidies.  They come at a great cost.