Durant Hits Hoekstra on Bailouts

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012 and is filed under Issues, News

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Clark Durant is making a last minute push ahead of the August 7 primary to educate voters on Pete Hoekstra.  An important point that he has brought up is Hoekstra’s weakness on the issues, especially when he goes up against Debbie Stabenow in the general election.  Consider this: Hoekstra voted for TARP; Stabenow voted against it!  What’s Hoekstra’s excuse? (Detroit News)

“The votes that they’re being critical of me on are exactly the votes that potentially would’ve been devastating to this state,” Hoekstra said, adding Durant’s work on the U.S. Legal Services Corp. under President Ronald Reagan and failed pursuit of the Republican U.S. Senate bid in 1990 prove he’s less of an outsider than he says.

We’ve heard that refrain on numerous occasions from the TARP coalition.  Is this really the man we need to go up against Debbie Stabenow?

We have one more week to put Clark Durant over the top.