Democrats Vote Against Bush Tax Cuts, Hand GOP Keys to Senate

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Economy, Taxes

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Senate Democrats just handed Republicans the keys to the Senate for next year.  Will they take it?

The Senate just voted on a bill to fully extend the Bush tax cuts.  It was defeated 45-54.  All Republicans supported it except for Scott Brown and Susan Collins; all Democrats opposed it except for Mark Pryor (Arkansas).  Then, Democrats voted on their version of the bill, which would raise all taxes on those earning more than $200,000.  It passed 51-48.  Senators Lieberman and Webb joined every Republican in voting no (they are both retiring).  Mark Pryor voted with the Democrats, making a mockery out of his first vote.  In doing so, Democrats have voted to cripple the economy with tax increases across the board in a way that will preclude any hope of a recovery.

Keep in mind that this was only a vote on “the motion to proceed” with debate.  It will need 60 votes for final passage, so it will never become law.  However, this will open the door for a long amendment process full of show votes that we must monitor carefully.

Here are a number of Democrats from red/purple states who voted to raise taxes on almost every aspect of the economy; estates, dividends, capital gains, income, marriage, etc.  They are up for election during the next two cycles.  Republicans in those states must hang this around their necks every day until election day:


– Claire McCaskill – Missouri

– Sherrod Brown – Ohio

– Bill Nelson – Florida

– John Tester – Montana

-Joe Manchin- West Virginia

-Bob Casey – Pennsylvania

– Debbie Stabenow – Michigan


– Max Baucus – Montana

– Mark Begich – Alaska

– Jeanne Shaheen – New Hampshire

– Mary Landrieu – Louisiana

– Tom Harkin – Iowa

– Mark Udall – Colorado

– Mark Warner – Virginia

– Tim Johnson – South Dakota

– Kay Hagan – North Carolina

– Mark Pryor – Arkansas