AZ-4: Paul Gosar Says Constitution Not Worth Fighting For

Friday, July 13th, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Elections

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We’ve noted many times this year that not all freshmen members of the House are tea partiers.  Many of them came to Congress and got sucked up into the cesspool of the clique mentality and eschewed their values.  Rep. Paul Gosar from Arizona’s 1st district (now running in the 4th) is one such member.

Paul Gosar is, by far, the lowest performing member of the delegation.  Gosar was the only member of the Republican delegation to vote for the debt ceiling deal and all the spending bills that violated the GOP pledge.  He even refused to sign the Cut, Cap, and Balance pledge.

This is why we endorsed state senator Ron Gould in the August 28 primary.  Gould has a record in the state senate like no other.  He is the most conservative member of the state Senate and has fought for every major social and fiscal cause.

Just in case you thought that Gosar is not so bad, take a look at this video of him speaking with Tea Party leaders.  He revealed his sentiments that we always knew he held.  Gosar feels that we cannot focus solely on Constitutional values.  I guess that’s why he voted to raise the debt ceiling.

Please help us elect someone who will never compromise on any aspect of the Constitution.  Ron Gould for Congress!