Sen. Cornyn Tells Holder to Resign

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 and is filed under News

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It took three and a half years to get to this point, but Senator Cornyn had the guts to finally tell Eric Holder to resign.  This, from The Hill:

However, at Tuesday’s meeting of Senate Judiciary Committee hearing where Holder was the only witness, Cornyn said it was time for the attorney general to go.

“You’ve violated the public trust in my view and by failing and refusing to perform the duties of your office,” he said.

“Mr. Attorney General it is more with sorrow than anger that I would say that you leave me no alternative but to join those who call upon you to resign your office.”

“The American people deserve better; they deserve an attorney general who is accountable and independent; they deserve an attorney general who puts justice before politics,” said Cornyn. “And it’s my sincere hope that President Obama will replace you with someone who’s up to that challenge.