Obama in Trouble in PA?

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012 and is filed under News

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Although most polls still show Obama leading in Pennsylvania, a recent analysis of the county results during the April primary portend bad news for Obama, especially with white working class voters.  PoliticsPA.com presented the following data that shows Obama has a “West Virginia problem” in much of the state:

A review of county-by-county vote totals show that the President underperformed historic trends, as well as other Democrats on the ballot this year.

Over 30 percent of voters left the presidential ballot blank rather than select Obama’s name in 27 counties. That’s compared to just 6 counties apiece for the two other unopposed statewide Democratic primary candidates, incumbent PA Treasurer Rob McCord and Auditor General hopeful (and first time statewide candidate) Eugene DePasquale.

In southwestern PA minus Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, Obama’s undervote was about 10 percent higher than that of Ed Rendell, who ran unopposed for re-election as Governor in 2006.

Undervote refers to the number of blank ballot selections as a proportion of total voters; in this case, the Democrats who voted in the primary but did not make a selection for President.