Dump Upton: A Big Labor Republican

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Elections

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Republican governors across the nation are working valiantly to attenuate the grip of power that the Big Labor bosses wield over our freedom, economic growth, and precious tax dollars.  One would expect the leader of the House Energy and Commerce Committee to have their backs on a federal level.  But Fred Upton always put the priorities of the big labor unions ahead of the taxpayers during his entire 25-year career.

In our continuing “Dump Upton” series to spotlight Fred Upton’s voting record, we move on to the issue of David-Bacon wages.

The labor unions represent the single most powerful force in entrenching dependency for the purpose of using taxpayer dollars to self-fund their political endeavors and elect Democrats.  One of their biggest weapons is the special interest Davis-Bacon wage requirements that taxpayers must pay to satisfy government contracts with just about any contractor.  Davis-Bacon mandates that federal government contractors pay prevailing union-level wages for work on federally funded projects.  This law discriminates against non-union firms and costs taxpayers 22% more for each project.  This is one of the reasons why transportation spending has grown to exceed the revenue source of the gas tax.

This onerous socialist regulation was originally hatched in 1931 as part of a racist effort to prevent blacks and immigrants from getting construction jobs.  But you won’t hear that from supporters of Davis Bacon.

In early 2010, the new House Republican majority had the opportunity to forge a clean break with this pernicious law. The House voted on an amendment to the FY 2011 spending bill that would defund Davis-Bacon Wages (King AMDT, roll call #144).  80% of the conference voted for it, but not Fred Upton.  He loves himself some big labor.  Last Thursday, Upton was presented with another opportunity to defund Davis-Bacon in the Military/Construction appropriations bill (Franks AMDT, roll call #303).  Once again, Upton voted no.  Hey, at least he’s consistent when it comes to Big Labor – as opposed to some of the other convenient votes he’s been casting lately.

The issues pertaining to Big Labor are so important for Republicans – both from a policy and political standpoint.  Do we really need an echo instead of a choice as head of one of our most powerful committees?