Chart of the Day: The Welfare President

Monday, June 18th, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Economy, Immigration

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In one of the most comedic moments of his presidency, Obama recently said that spending under his administration has grown slower than at any point since the Eisenhower administration.  Well, here is a hand chart from our good friends at the American Enterprise Institute that illustrates just how absurd the claim is in light of the exponential growth in handouts.


We all know that the welfare state has been expanding rapidly over the entire decade, but it is impossible to miss the straight line up on the graph over the past few years.  Just the food stamp program alone has doubled in cost since Obama took office.  Remember that recipients of food stamps are then eligible for numerous handouts, including free cell phones.

Parting question:  What do you think will happen to our welfare spending when Obama is finished granting millions of illegals amnesty and a pathway to citizenship?