What Happened to the Second Amendment Agenda?

Monday, May 21st, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Family Values

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When taking a close look at congressional voting records, it is striking how few fiscal conservatives fill the ranks of the Republican Conference.  Yet, we are always told by these “pro-life statists” that they are rock solid on social issues.  Nevertheless, the question begs, what exactly have they done to advance the cause of social conservatism?

Last week, we noted that most Republicans are running for cover on the issue of traditional marriage and the battle against the radical homosexual agenda in our schools, government, and culture.  This, despite our resounding victories at the ballot box.  On the issue of life, we have yet to see any major breakthrough piece of legislation in recent years.  But certainly, we would presume, that Republicans of all stripes would push hard for a pro-Second Amendment agenda.  After all, we have won the political fight on guns to such an extent that numerous Democrats “align” themselves with the pro-Second-Amendment side.  So what happened to all the pro-gun legislation?

In a column today at Townhall.com, senior Heritage Foundation fellow, Brian Darling, sheds light on the vacuum in Second Amendment legislation:

Are gun voters being taken for granted? Republicans control the House and self-styled pro-gun Democrats abound in the Senate. So why has neither chamber addressed any of the major gun rights issues awaiting resolution?

Numerous bills to restore and preserve Second Amendment rights to Americans have been filed, yet not one has been slated for a vote this year. John Velleco of Gun Owners of America (GOA) tells Townhall, “Every election year, the members of Congress come to pro-gun voters asking to be re-elected, yet we don’t have any pro-gun votes scheduled to come to the House and Senate floor.”

Darling goes on to list a number of bills that have languished in committee without ever receiving a floor vote, even in the Republican-controlled House.

This all begs the question: what good are these fiscally liberal Republicans who campaign as pro-Second Amendment, if they do nothing to advance the agenda?  The bottom line is that these same flaccid leaders who are petrified of confrontation on fiscal issues are also squeamish about rocking the boat on social issues, even when it comes to popular gun legislation.

At the Madison Project, we are committed to electing those who will fight for the full-spectrum of conservative priorities; fiscal, social, and national defense.  I can say that most candidates we’ve interviewed express their affinity for “God, guns, and babies.”  Yet, only the real stalwarts have specific plans to push for a legislative agenda that will prioritize those issues.

It’s time we recruit candidates who are willing to do more than check the boxes on the Second Amendment and other social issues.  We want to see blood on the House floor.