Trent Lott and the Circuitous Cycle of Special Interest Politics

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Foreign Policy

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Do you remember that former Mississippi Senator Trent Lott was leader of the Senate Republicans on and off for a decade?

Like many Republican leaders before him that never actually believed in the tenants of the Republicans Party, Lott has become a lobbyist in his post-congressional career, feeding at the trough of big-government statism.  Now, we all know that Lott has eschewed every principle of limited government during his career as a lobbyist, but he certainly would retain his strong support for our national security and American sovereignty, right?

Well, the Heritage Foundation is reporting that Lott is now lobbying for the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) – something he vehemently opposed while he was in the Senate.  Among other things, LOST established a UN oversight board to divvy up all of the resources mined from the deep seabed and the extended continental shelf for the “common heritage of mankind.”  The International Seabed Authority gets to decide how our revenues from seabed mining are redistributed to “developing” nations.  Moreover, any complaint against the US brought by other member nations, which there undoubtedly would be many, must be decided by the UN authority.   The institution has been around since 1982, but we have been smart enough not to ratify the treaty.

As Heritage notes, Lott had denounced the treaty as a means of creating  a “U.N. on steroids” that “would undermine U.S. military operations … and impair navigational rights” by subjecting maritime disputes to U.N. authority.”  Now, in his capacity as Senior Counsel for Breaux Lott, he was paid $80,000 to lobby the Senate to ratify this travesty.

I remind you one again that Lott had been GOP leader for a decade.  It’s 1984 all over again.