Ted Cruz Surging in Texas

Monday, May 21st, 2012 and is filed under Elections, News

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This is all hands on deck!  According to the latest poll, Ted Cruz has closed the gap with RINO David Dewhurst to just 9 points, the smallest margin since the beginning of this race.  Dewhurst leads Cruz 40-31, with Tom Leppert, another pro gay marriage RINO, coming in third at 17%.  The key number here is 50%. We must deny Dewhurst the 50% he needs to avoid a runoff.  Once we make this race a mano-a-mano battle between a Jim DeMint conservative and a RINO, we will be in good shape.  This is the marque race of the cycle.  There is no better candidate this year than Ted Cruz.  If we can’t elect people like Cruz in a state like Texas then we are doomed.