Rick Berg: The Deadbeat Running for Senate in North Dakota

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Elections

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As we’ve noted numerous times in these pages, not all freshmen members of the House turned out to be Tea Party conservatives.  In fact, many of them are big-government statists.  One of the most jarring examples is Rick Berg of North Dakota.

Berg voted for all the big government spending bills and the debt ceiling, while opposing numerous efforts to cut spending.  This, despite representing a conservative state.  Yet, after just a few months of dismal service in the House, he decided that he wanted a promotion to the Senate!

Not only is he a moderate, he is also an insipid candidate and an uninspiring individual.  Democrats put up their best candidate to run, and will be pumping in a lot of money.  Take a look at this video interview of Berg with the Fargo Forum editorial board.  After two and a half minutes of equivocation, he can’t explain why he won’t debate his conservative primary challenger, Duane Sand:

Does this look like an inspiring man we want in the Senate from a state like North Dakota?