Obamacare for Pets

Monday, May 7th, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Obamacare

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In 2009, Nancy Pelosi famously said that we needed to pass the healthcare law in order to know what’s in it.  Well, every day we discover new factoids about this leviathan.  Last week, the Hill reported that Obamacare expands a preventative health program that has been used for spaying and neutering pets:

House Republicans attacked the 2010 healthcare law Wednesday for expanding a preventive care grant program that they said, in the past, funded pet spaying and neutering in Tennessee.

A statement from Energy and Commerce Committee Republicans also blasted grants they said paid for urban farming initiatives and the improvement of city bike lanes.

These projects are “examples of what we consider excessive, wasteful government spending,” said Debbee Keller, a GOP spokeswoman, “and the healthcare law will funnel money to others like them.”

Republicans frequently call for attention to federally funded projects — health-related and otherwise — that they see as trivial.

Now let’s go back in a time machine and travel to March 8, 2011.  Democrats weren’t the only ones who supported Obamacare meddling into healthcare for pets.  On that day, House leaders brought an obscure “Veterinarian Public Heath” bill to the floor under suspension.  The bill, H.R. 525, reinstated a program from the original House-version of Obamacare that subsidizes training and education for veterinarians.  According to the RSC, the bill expanded the definition of the term “veterinary public health” to” include veterinarians engaged in one or more of the following areas to the extent such areas have an impact on human health: biodefense and emergency preparedness, emerging and
reemerging infectious diseases, environmental health, ecosystem health, pre-harvest and post-harvest food protection, regulatory medicine, diagnostic laboratory medicine, veterinary pathology, biomedical research, practice of food animal medicine in rural areas, and government practice.”

Talk about social engineering!  95 Republicans voted for this expansion of Obamacare into the veterinarian field.  It’s nice that members of the Commerce and Energy Committee are outraged over the Obamacare funding for neutering pets, but most of them voted for government involvement in the filed last year.  Do they regret that vote?