More GOP Surrender on Marriage in Colorado

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Family Values

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For all the talk about the gay marriage juggernaut, the fate of traditional marriage remains in the hands of Republicans.  We have successfully passed marriage amendments in 30 states, with North Carolina poised to do the same later today.  Even in the states that have passed gay marriage, it was only the result of Republican surrender.

In New York, Republicans control the state Senate, yet top members of the caucus voted for gay marriage.  In Maryland, Republicans had enough votes to block gay marriage because a number of black Democrats were opposing it, but a wayward member surprised everyone and voted for it.  Now, some Republicans in Colorado, a state that has banned gay marriage, desire to legalize civil unions.

One of the most successful tactics of the gay lobby is to advance civil unions as a precursor to gay marriage.  After all, they say, how could you be opposed to two people forming a non-marriage union.  Well, how could you be opposed to a mother and son or father and son/daughter who love each other from forming a union either?

In Colorado, Democrats control the Senate, but Republicans control the House 33-32.  Once again, every Democrat is united in supporting a gay civil unions bill, while some Republicans are faltering.  The New York Times reports that several Republicans have helped the bill progress through the committee progress, and it could possibly make it to the house floor before the end of the session.

If Republicans cannot unite behind such bedrock values as traditional marriage, then there is no purpose to electing a Republican majority.  Why not just vote for the professional purveyors of licentiousness?