Memo to GOP: There Will be No Truce on Social Issues

Friday, May 11th, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Elections

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One would think that Republicans would seize upon the results of the North Carolina marriage amendment and Obama’s support of gay marriage by making traditional marriage an election issue.  Yes, we all understand that the predominate issue is the economy, but that doesn’t mean we should remain silent when the left is undermining our most bedrock values, especially when we are clobbering them in every state.  If 61% of the people of a critical semi-swing-state vote for an issue that Obama opposes, shouldn’t Romney be pounding him on it?

Unfortunately, Romney hasn’t said anything about North Carolina.  Regarding Obama’s comments, Romney and every other Republican just call it a “distraction.”  But why not nail him for his support of the underlying issue?  It is abundantly clear that Romney’s consultant empire holds marriage to be a losing issue for us.  The fact that 32 states have passed marriage amendments, many of them with overwhelming majorities, appears to mean nothing to them.

In that vein, I felt it would be appropriate to re-post a column of mine from two months ago that is more relevant now than ever.

Many prominent figures in the Republican intelligentsia have suggested that we call a truce on social issues, while focusing exclusively on fiscal issues during this time of economic peril.  As an uncompromising fiscal and social conservative, I fully agree.  We should focus on the economy.  However, there is one problem with this desideratum; there is no truce on social issues.  Even as conservatives – including social conservatives – are focusing on fiscal issues, social liberals are working indefatigably to implement their radical agenda.  Perforce, any “truce” on social issues would be unilateral in nature, and would be tantamount to complete capitulation, ceding the moral fiber of this country to the hedonistic left.

While everyone focuses on those stern So-cons, they forget the vociferous push from So-libs to turn our nation, which was founded on Judeo-Christian values, into a morally debased wasteland.  Yes, they are doing so even during the economic downturn.  They don’t take a break to focus on fiscal issues, or more aptly put, they focus on both at the same time.

After the severe losses from the 2010 elections, there are very few states where Democrats control both houses of the state legislature and the state house.  However, in every state where they enjoy such indomitable power, the So-lib mob is out in full force pushing a radical licentious agenda, most notably, a push to redefine marriage from its most basic definition.  My home state of Maryland is one such example.


Last year, Maryland Democrats, led by radical Gov. Martin O’Malley, attempted to force gay marriage on the residents of Maryland, but was stymied by the black community.  Nevertheless, the gay lobby never rests on its laurels.  They came back this year with an expensive lobbying effort.  This time they succeeded in turning over a few no votes in the House, including two Republicans, paving the road for expected passage in the Senate this week.  Conservatives – the few that exist in Maryland – will attempt to spearhead a petition drive to place the gay marriage law as a referendum on the November ballot.

Then there is the Baltimore County transgender law.  For the entire duration of the legislative session, instead of dealing with the economy they are trying to pass a law allowing transvestites and cross-dressers to visit any bathroom they desire.  This is what liberals attempt to implement when they enjoy unchecked power.  And again, they will do so even during bad economic times.

Conservatives must realize what we are up against.  There is a strong and vocal minority of people in this country that are in a race to the bottom to radically alter the fabric of our nation to reflect that of the most decedent society conceivable.  If we don’t combat them now, all the other issues will be irrelevant.  There is no way we can have a society that is demanding anything and everything that is sordid, yet one that is austere and conservative regarding dependency, welfare, and entitlements.  Fiscal conservatism and family values are indissoluble.

These issues work in tandem, and they begin in our education system.  The So-Libs are working persistently to inculcate the next generation with a sense of immorality that dovetails with a socialist agenda.  They are pushing the radical homosexual agenda in every state and locality – in every school and public forum – where they are unchallenged.  If we don’t fight them on all fronts, we will lose on every front.

The reality is that there is no truce.  There will only be a truce when the other side fully defeats us.  Based upon the flaccid conservative opposition to these policies, we are nearing that point.  Many Republicans are starting to buy into the homosexual agenda.  Alan Simpson, once a prominent Republicans senator and a current Romney supporter, even intimated that support for a federal marriage amendment “borders on disgust.”  Once we reach the point where we fully retreat on social issues, we will be at a permanent disadvantage in all fiscal battles as well.

As the venerable Jim DeMint once said, “When you have a big government, you’re going to have a little God.  You’re going to have fewer values and morals, and you’re going to have a culture that has to be controlled by the government.”