Congratulations to Deb Fischer in Nebraska

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012 and is filed under Elections, News

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For most of the year, the Nebraska Senate race had been a two-man battle between liberal Jon Bruning and “DeMint” conservative Don Stenberg.  We supported Stenberg early in the race in his uphill fight against the establishment.  Just a few months ago, an obscure state senator, Deb Fischer, entered the race.  She didn’t gain traction until a few weeks ago, but once she did, she surged.  Over the past week or two, it became clear that Stenberg would not win and that Deb Fischer was the only one who could knock off Bruning.  We stuck by Stenberg because we had some concerns about Fischer’s voting record.  Nonetheless, Fischer has won the election and we are glad to see Bruning go down.  He would have been a disaster.  Deb Fischer deserves a lot of credit for her stunning upset, and we hope she continues to run and govern as a conservative when she hopefully makes it to the US Senate.