Are We Willing to Pledge Time and Donations for the Cause of Our Republic?

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Elections

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Any reader of this site or other conservative publications is well aware of the crossroads that our Republic faces.  Progressives are inexorably destroying our free markets, infringing upon our rights, spitting on our values, undermining our sovereignty, and endangering our national security.  Our founders fought a revolution and gave their lives for these cherished American values; that our nation be different from those tyrannical European nations.   Yet, liberals want to transform this nation into a European country, devoid of freedom and a religious character.

While our fathers gave their lives for the cause, we need not go so far.  We need sufficient funding and boots on the ground to elect those who will defend our values from the progressives in both parties.  That is the only we will make a difference.

Let’s view this imperative through the prism of last week’s congressional elections in Pennsylvania.

Last week, there were three incumbent congressmen who were challenged in the PA primaries; two Democrats and one Republican.  The two Democrats, Jason Altmire and Tim Holden, are blue dog Democrats who didn’t vote in lockstep with their party.  The liberal base was furious and put up candidates who were more liberal.  They put lots of money and boots on the ground into those races.  They defeated both of them.

The same cannot be said for our side.  SEIU-backed Republican Tim Murphy was being challenged by Evan Feinberg in western Pennsylvania.  Murphy is as bad as it gets for a Republican.  Feinberg is a smart conservative who worked for the Heritage Foundation, Tom Coburn, and Rand Paul.  This had all the trappings of a classic puke vs. conservative setup.  Yet, Feinberg failed to even come close to Murphy.  Why?  Because he was outspent $1 million to $70,000.

There is a simple reality at work here.  While most voters complain about incumbents and negative ads, they will paradoxically continue to vote for incumbents unless they are inundated with hundreds of thousands worth of negative ads against those incumbents.  Sadly, this holds true for Republican voters as well.  The fact is that we will never take back our party unless we are willing to donate our time and money to those who truly stand for our values.  Otherwise, the bad guys will win every time by default.

We need to move beyond reading, writing, and complaining.  We need to get involved in the electoral process, or else we will never transform the Republican Party from the faint echo of statist policies that it is today.