A Good Night for Conservatives

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Elections

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In order to beat the establishment, we need good candidates and good money.  In last night’s two key races, we had both.  And we won overwhelmingly.

In Kentucky-4, staunch Tea Party conservative beat out the Mitch McConnell machine that was pulling hard behind the scenes for Alecia Webb-Edgington.  We didn’t just beat the establishment; we crushed them.  Massie beat out Webb-Edgington 45-29%.

In AR-4, our endorsee, Tom Cotton crushed Mike Huckabee’s candidate, Beth Anne Rankin, 57-37 and will avoid a runoff.  Both Massie and Cotton will be heavy favorites in the general election, providing us with an opportunity to  pick up two conservative seats.

In other good news for conservatives, southern Democrats once again showed their disdain for Obama.  There was no opponent on the ballot in the Kentucky Democrat primary, but “uncommitted” garnered 42% of the vote and won 66 of 120 counties.  In Arkansas, a no-name candidate also garnered 42% of the vote.  How’s that for a vote of confidence for the leader of their party?