The Agony of a Blue State Conservative; The Potential of a Red State Conservative

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Elections

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I voted today.  Yes, I did my civic duty and voted in the Maryland Republican primary.  I voted for Rick Santorum just as a protest vote against Mitt Romney, and voted for Dan Bongino for Senate.  The House candidates vying to run against Marxist John Sarbanes could barely muster up legitimate websites, much less any coherent content.  Bongino is a great guy, but the only way Ben Cardin can lose is by getting caught with a dead body in his trunk.  And even then…..  This is what it’s like to vote in Maryland, especially in suburban Baltimore.  It’s sort of like voting in Russia, where you have Putin and the “other guy.”

Those of you in red states and districts should take heed to this lesson.  We don’t want the rest of our country to degenerate into what Maryland has grown to symbolize.  Unfortunately, we have many elected Republicans from red states who are dramatically underperforming.  It is in these districts and states – ones where we actually can make a difference, that we must look for the most viable conservative candidates.  That is our commitment at The Madison Project, and we look forward to unveiling some potent resources to achieve that goal in the coming months.