RINO Fred Upton Attacks Challenger Jack Hoogendyk

Monday, April 2nd, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Elections

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It’s always funny to watch statist Republicans attack their conservative challengers from the right, accusing them of voting for big spending bills.  Yet, that is what they do when they get desperate.

Fred Upton, one of the most liberal Republicans in the House, has attracted a challenger with very little money and only moderate name ID, Jack Hoogendyk, yet he is wasting no time in launching negative attack ads.  He is going after Hoogendyk with misleading attacks about line items in bills that passed the Michigan legislature unanimously.  Upton accuses Hoogendyk of voting to give “tax breaks” for “Hollywood fat cats” to shoot movies in Michigan.

Look, the reality is that Michigan is an overtaxed state.  They need wholesale tax reform.  But on the absence of such reforms, especially with the Democrat leadership at the time, you take whatever tax cuts you can get.  And believe me, these films generate millions in tax revenue, even with the “tax breaks.”  Not to mention the fact that they passed unanimously.

Fred Upton is just too scared to talk about his 27-year career of statism in Congress, including his signature legislation, banning of the light bulb.