Richard Mourdock for Senate in Indiana

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Elections

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On May 8, we will have our first opportunity to throw out a pale-pastel Republican when Richard Mourdock takes his shot at unseating Dick Lugar in Indiana.  Remember that we grow that Senate not just by flipping seats from Democrat to Republican but by flipping current Republican seats to Conservative.  Richard Mourdock has the momentum.  Let’s put him over the top.
Here is our official endorsement:
Let’s face it. Senator Dick Lugar, the incumbent Republican Senator in Indiana, is at best a moderate. He’s managed a 63% lifetime rating from the Club for Growth, and his voting record is dismal. To highlight a few of his “greatest hits,” Lugar has voted for:
·         Every bailout under the sun, from TARP to auto to housing;
·         Continuing earmarks;
·         Increasing government run healthcare;
·         Energy statism, including fuel mandates, green energy mandates
           and the ban of the incandescent light bulb;
·         Embryonic stem cell research;
·         Gun control and hate crimes;
·         Voted against death tax repeal in 2003 and other tax cut proposals;
·         Campaign finance “reform,” including McCain-Feingold.
Indiana can do better than this. In a state primed to elect Congressman Mike Pence as governor, it shouldn’t have to settle for someone like Dick Lugar. After nearly 3 ½ decades in Washington, DC, Senator Lugar has become part of the Ruling Class of longtime incumbents who serve themselves and their cronies. A well-known “porker” and earmarxist, Lugar hasn’t even lived in the state since he was elected to the Senate in 1977.
Our system of government, this country, are on the wrong path precisely because of elected officials like Lugar. If we are to turn this country around, we have to break the Ruling Class’ hold over our system of government, and that’s why the Madison Project exists.
That’s why we’re happy to endorse Richard Mourdock, Indiana’s State Treasurer, in the Republican United States Senate primary in Indiana. He is clearly more conservative than Lugar, and the polls are showing Lugar clinging to a six point lead roughly a month away from the primary on May 8th. This is a race where if we go all in, we can win and send another conservative to Washington, DC, not just a Republican.
If you think that it’s time to give Indiana a more conservative voice in the Senate, then join us in supporting Richard Mourdock on May 8th and give Indiana a new face and leader to represent it in Washington, DC.