Parliamentarian Rules Against Reid In Budget Fight

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012 and is filed under Debt, News

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Remember Reid’s ‘deem and pass’ budget strategy?  He wanted to say that last year’s debt ceiling deal is tantamount to a budget and precludes him for finally formulating one after 3 years.  Well, not so fast:

“The Senate’s chief referee has issued a key ruling against Majority Leader Harry Reid, POLITICO has learned — a move expected to bring unwanted election-year pressure on the Nevada Democrat to act on politically dicey budget bills. Newly appointed Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough, whom Reid recommended for the job, has decided that last summer’s deal on the debt ceiling and spending caps does not preclude the Senate from taking up other budget resolutions this year. The ruling could force vulnerable Democrats to cast tough votes that hurt them in November, a situation Reid and other leaders are eager to avoid as they work to protect their fragile majority.