Wis. Senate: Mark Neumann Proposes Balanced Budget in 5 Years

Monday, March 5th, 2012 and is filed under Blog

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As I research the congressional elections in pursuit of good conservative candidates, I’ve been disappointed by the lack of specifics offered by most candidates on major issues.  They all toss around the same washed up platitudes, while offering nothing inspiring to get conservatives on board their campaign.  One notable exception to this observation is the campaign of Mark Neumann for Senate in Wisconsin.

Last week, Mark Neumann, who is running against liberal Tommy Thompson, unveiled a plan to balance the budget in 5 years (the Ryan budget took 26 years to balance).  Aside for endorsing a general balanced budget amendment, Neumann specifies 150 specific programs he would target for cuts or elimination.  It’s these candidates who are willing to put their proposals on the table that we should support.  Take a look at his complete list of cuts here.

Aside for the Texas brawl between conservative Ted Cruz and moderate David Dewhurst, the Wisconsin race provides conservatives with the biggest opportunity to trump pale pastels with bold colors.  Neumann is gaining a lot of traction against his opponent, who happens to enjoy better name recognition.  He is also polling well against the presumed Democrat nominee, Tammy Baldwin.  If you are looking for a conservative candidate to help out in November, there are few better choices than Mark Neumann.