Senator Inhofe’s Hubris

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012 and is filed under Blog

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If you want to learn everything that is wrong in D.C. with just one quote, here are some remarks from Senator James Inhofe, a man who is largely regarded as a very conservative senator.  In a speech to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, Inhofe had this to say about conservative opposition to the highway bill:

“So many new senators are so afraid to vote for anything with a lot of zeros on it,” Inhofe said. “They are afraid to vote for it because they think people will think they are big spenders. We’re supposed to be building our highways and infrastructure.”

Yes, Senator Inhofe.  That is exactly the problem.  There are too many zeros.

The reality is that if members of Congress cannot understand that highway spending should be dealt with on a state level, there is no area of government that we will ever devolve to the states.  All the Republican talk about reducing the size of government is smoke and mirrors.