Boehner Wimping Out on DOMA

Monday, March 19th, 2012 and is filed under Family Values, News

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Remember the outrage when Obama’s Justice Department announced that it would no longer follow the law (Defense of Marriage Act) and defend states against lawsuits for upholding traditional marriage?  Well, if you’re hearing crickets, you’re not missing anything.  Boehner pretty much shunted it off to the courts and has no intention of dealing with it legislatively in the House.  The Family Research Council is rightly outraged over this abdication of a basic tenet of conservatism.  CQ has the story:

Boehner’s courtroom strategy was framed in response to many GOP lawmakers who privately urged him to avoid embroiling the House in a divisive social issue, particularly when any legislative action had no chance of advancing in the Senate, aides said.

The Speaker lamented the White House finding in a written statement at the time and said his decision to defend the law in the federal courts “will ensure the matter is addressed in a manner consistent with our Constitution.”

Since then, Boehner and other House leaders have largely avoided public comments on the topic. House debate has been all but absent, and Republicans who have sought to press the issue legislatively have run into roadblocks.

Last year, conservative lawmakers raised the possibility of a House vote on the merits of the constitutional issue, said a GOP aide familiar with the discussions. But party leaders said they preferred to pursue the legal option, the aide added.