A RINO Lovefest: Cantor Endorses Kinzinger in IL-16

Friday, March 9th, 2012 and is filed under Blog

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Last week, we endorsed veteran Congressman Don Manzullo over Adam Kinzinger in the member-on-member battle for the newly-created 16th district in Illinois.  I have to confess that although Manzullo is far superior to Kinzinger, we had some  reservations about putting out brand on someone who voted for the debt ceiling deal.  Nobody has a perfect voting record, but that vote was extremely consequential.

Well, any compunction we had about our endorsement is gone.  Yesterday, Eric Cantor announced his support for Adam Kinzinger.  Cantor made the following declaration:

Adam Kinzinger is hands down the candidate the conservative cause needs to win the primary for Congress on March 20th and he has our enthusiastic endorsement for a second term in Congress.

Our endorsement is not perfunctory. Adam Kinzinger is a key member of our team and has our total support in his campaign for a second term in the United States House of Representatives.

Let’s put this endorsement in context.  Congressional leaders seldom get involved in member-on-member battles.  Yet, Cantor is enthusiastically endorsing a freshman member over a 20-year veteran.  The reason for his endorsement is quite simple.  As Cantor noted, Kinzinger is “a key member of our team.”  He votes down the line with leadership.  Remember that Cantor scored a 60% from Heritage Action and Kinzinger scored a 63% (and that was his first year, which tends to lean more conservative).  By comparison, Manzullo scored an 84%.

Thanks Eric Cantor for bringing clarity to this race.