With Republicans Like Lugar Who Needs Democrats?

Friday, February 24th, 2012 and is filed under Blog

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Many liberal Republicans who vote with the Democrats in Washington are careful to feign conservatism to their Republican constituents when seeking reelection.  Indiana Senator Dick Lugar has such antipathy for conservatives that he feels no compunction in attacking the Tea Party in his latest email blast, even as he is embroiled in a tough primary battle.  Here’s what Lugar’s campaign wrote about the Tea Party earlier today:

A group of people who believe nothing about President Obama somehow trust him implicitly when he says that Richard Lugar is his favorite Republican. The Tea Party should be attacking the president for that, not Lugar. But it’s no surprise that the Tea Party fell for yet another of the Obama campaign’s political tactics. Why can’t we win the Senate back again?

First, the reason why Lugar is Obama’s favorite Republican is not because Obama said so; it’s because of Lugar’s dismal record in the Senate.  Not only does he have a liberal voting record on fiscal issues, he is a pacifist globalist as the Ranking Member on the Foreign Relations Committee.  He has worked hand in glove with John Kerry, whether it’s promoting the Palestinians or ratifying Putin’s New START treaty.  In fact, I don’t think Kerry, Obama, and Lugar disagree on anything in the realm of foreign policy.

Moreover, notice how liberal Republicans always throw in innuendo about the Tea Party ruining our chances to take back the Senate.  No, Mr. Lugar.  It’s people like you who have handed defacto control of the Senate to Democrats by voting with them on everything, even when Republicans officially controlled that body.  Why is it so important that we win back the Senate as long as people like you are there?

Lugar’s comments bring to mind my favorite political cartoon, courtesy of my wife.