Wisconsin Senate: Neumann (R) 46%, Baldwin (D) 37%

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012 and is filed under News

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Rasmussen published a new poll today showing all three GOP contenders leading Democrat Tammy Baldwin for Senate in Wisconsin.  We are all told that we need a moderate to win in a swing state.  As such, the establishment is backing Tommy Thompson, a comprehensive moderate who supported massive interventions in the healthcare sector as Secretary of HHS.  Well, it turns out that the conservative in the race, former Congressman Mark Neumann, leads Baldwin 46-37.  Thompson does lead Baldwin by a wider 14-point margin, but he has more name recognition.  Moreover, as PPP noted in their preliminary results from their Senate poll, Thompson is polling third among Tea Party voters.

It is becoming clear that we don’t need a milquetoast moderate to win in Wisconsin.  Neumann had a solid record during his time in the House.  Madison Project was proud to be one of the first to endorse him.