The Cycle of Gov’t Dependency Has Succeeded …Beyond Democrats’ Wildest Dreams

Thursday, February 9th, 2012 and is filed under Blog

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Every election year, Democrats insidiously tell voters that only a robust welfare state can assuage our social and economic ills.  They accuse their opponents of callous disregard for the “little guy.”  Then, the size of the welfare state expands even more dramatically, ensnaring even more people into government dependency.  The obvious question is if the purpose of the welfare state is to cure poverty, how come the transfer payments metastasize every year?  How can they come back year after year and advocate the same ideas that have not only failed to ease poverty but have perpetuated and exacerbated this nation’s poverty?

The answer is quite simple: the objective of the entitlement state is not about helping the poor; it is about creating a permanent dependency class in order to consummate a permanent Democrat governing class.  By that measure, their policies have been a resounding success.

Yesterday, the Heritage Foundation published its 2012 index of Dependence on Government, and the findings are not pretty.  A record number of Americans, 67.3 million, are dependent on some government program.  That’s about 22% of the population!  The average dependency package per American was $32,748, more than the average American’s personal disposable income.  Under Obama’s stewardship, dependency jumped 8% just in the past year and 23% since Obama took office.

Who pays for these benefits?  Only half of Americans pay for it; 49.5% don’t pay any federal income tax.   Yet, over the next 25 years, 77 million baby boomers will retire, forcing this ever shrinking tax base to pay for Social Security and Medicare for everyone.  This chart from the index shows just what socialism as done to our tax base:

And yet, Republicans can’t even prevent highway spending from growing out of control.  How in the world will the find the gumption to deal with dependency programs?