Planned Parenthood’s Nauseating Bloody Revenue: No Abortion Left Behind

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012 and is filed under Blog

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From listening to liberal media reports, you would think Planned Parenthood is some underfunded provider of meritorious services that is being unfairly targeted by some evil rich organizations.  This perception cannot be further from reality.

Planned Parenthood considers abortion services to be their most important task, not breast cancer screenings.  As such, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, a truly virtuous cancer-fighting charity, decided to pull their annual grants to the abortion-providing conglomerate.  Now, after vicious attacks on the organization’s conservative political director, Karen Handel, Komen decided to cave and continue funding this licentious organization.  So, people who donate money to fight cancer will continue to fund a procedure that, instead of preserving life, obliterates the most innocent among us.

Now, putting politics and morality aside, is Planned Parenthood in need of funds anyway?  Apparently not, according to this very illuminating article in the Wall Street Journal:

The reality is that Planned Parenthood—with annual revenues exceeding $1 billion—does little in the way of screening for breast cancer. But the organization is very much in the business of selling abortions—more than 300,000 in 2010, according to Planned Parenthood. At an average cost of $500, according to various sources including Planned Parenthood’s website, that translates to about $164 million of revenue per year.

Hence, these clowns earn $134 million from their “charitable work” of killing babies, yet they complain about the right of a private charity to withdraw their voluntary grants.

We constantly hear pro-abortion advocates describe abortion as a necessary evil; an act that should be “legal, rare, and safe.”  The reality is that groups like Planned Parenthood launch oleaginous protestations to expand the reach of abortion, over and beyond the degree that would justify a “necessary evil.”  They champion abortion as an ideal.  That is why they spend millions to fight even minimal legislation to ban partial-birth abortion or to require parental notification for abortion.  This is why these reprehensible people consistently inveigh against respected charitable organizations that desire to remain neutral in the abortion debate.

This is yet another consummate illustration of how low abortion advocates will stoop to ensure that ‘no abortion is left behind.’  Take heed: these people are not pro-choice; they are pro-abortion – with immeasurable alacrity.