Chris Christie Helping Anti-Marriage Lobby in NJ

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012 and is filed under Blog

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One of the most puzzling phenomena in GOP politics the past few years is the incorrigible fawning over Chris Christie.  He is regarded is one of the biggest stars in the party and is being groomed as a future presidential candidate.  The fact is that aside for his strong stance against public sector unions, Christie has been quite liberal on many important issues, such as gun control, global warming job-killing regulations, and illegal immigration.  He has stuck his thumb in the eyes of conservatives on numerous occasions.  Now he is pulling out all the stops for Mitt Romney, assailing anyone who questions his phony conservative credentials.  He even suggested that those who compare Romneycare to Obamacare are “completely intellectually dishonest.”

This past week, Chris Christie was foist into the debate over the ridiculous concept of gay marriage when the state legislature in New Jersey passed a law recognizing these “marriages.”  Christie is keeping his promise to veto the legislation; however, some of his appointments to high offices within the state raise serious doubts about his commitment to fight for traditional marriage.  Here’s the scoop from NRO’s Maggie Gallagher:

Chris Christie is publicly opposed to same-sex marriage and indeed, to his credit, he fulfilled a campaign promise by vetoing a gay-marriage bill. But he raised eyebrows and doubts by appointing to the New Jersey Supreme Court an openly gay judge who has publicly pushed for gay marriage.

Now a New Jersey judge has reinstated a gay couple’s claim that New Jersey’s marriage laws violate the federal Constitution — in part, she said, because the defense of the marriage law offered by Christie’s attorney general, Jeffrey Chiesa, was so weak: “tradition.”

Chiesa is not some rogue Republican; he was Christie’s chief counsel for several years before the governor made him AG. It raises eyebrows, because it’s frankly what Obama’s attorney general did for years — pretend to defend the law, by offering only a token defense.

Do we want a president who will appoint those who will not defend our values?  Christie might be satisfactory for New Jersey, but he is not what we need from a party leaders.  He  will certainly never be a conservative leader.