Why We’re Headed Towards A Brokered Convention

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012 and is filed under Blog

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There are a lot of reasons we are headed towards a brokered convention in the Republican Presidential Primary. I think we are moving past the parlor game stage into the gray zone, ie it just might happen.

I could start with Ron Paul and his REALLY good grassroots infrastructure that is going to snatch up even more delegates in caucus states. Or the fact that Mitt Romney REALLY wants this one. It’s his last shot at becoming President and he has a lot of money to play with.

Then there are the major donors behind Gingrich and Santorum’s Super PACs.

Many view this as the “ugly” side of politics, but money is the mother’s milk of it. The more you have of it, the better campaign infrastructure you have and the deeper you can drive your message (or beat your opponent to death).

So when I see the #8 wealthiest man in America, Sheldon Adelson, drop another $5M into Newt’s Super PAC (well, technically, the donation is under his wife’s name), I know one thing is certain-Newt is going deep into this primary season and being that well funded, he is certain to pick up a lot of delegates. Even Santorum is going deep because of major donors giving hefty sums to his Super PAC. The deeper you go into a primary season without a clear cut winner, the more parity there will be in the delegate count.

Which could make for a very interesting Republican Convention this summer.